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Mindspace Mayo recruiting young people for youth panel - poster

Mindspace Mayo Is Recruiting

Mindspace Mayo is recruiting young people for youth panel. Read more here:

World Suicide Prevention Day - It's OK to talk

World Suicide Prevention Day

Saturday September10th is World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD16. Look out for your friends and remember, #itsokaytotalk...

Little Things can improve your game

The GAA and HSE are bringing the messages of protection, resilience and support for mental wellness to local communities.   The GAA and the HSE are working in partnership to bring the messages of protection, resilience and support for mental wellness to local communities. Both organisations are keen...

Tackling suicide and self-harm in Ireland

Ireland is 4th of 31 European countries when we compare suicide rates for young people aged 15-19   In 2014, the Central Statistics Office reported that 459 people died by suicide in Ireland. We also know there is a strong relationship between suicide and self-harming behaviours, which...

How drugs affect your mental health

How Drugs affect your mental health

Drugs. We all know what they are and we have an idea why people take them, but do we know what the consequences for our mental health are? Certain drugs (even prescription ones) can have a pretty big impact on your mental health, so it's...

Tips on being a good listener

Tips on being a good listener

Being there for people and offering a listening ear when they need to talk, will make a big difference for them and for you. Find out more here. (Source:

Living with mental illness: Who cares for the carers?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve written a lot about what it’s like to directly experience the impact of mental health difficulties – how they can manifest, the lengths we sometimes have to go to to get help, as well as the reality of...

Parkrun Events in Mayo

Parkrun events now in Mayo

What do London, Sydney, Copenhagen, Capetown and now Mayo have in common? Well, these are some of the wonderful locations worldwide that host a Parkrun event. Parkrun is a global network of weekly 5 km timed runs or walks in local parks that take place every...

How the music industry came out of the closet on mental health

If you stick around long enough, you can witness some wonderful changes in how we humans operate and deal with life. A couple of years ago, for example, you rarely came across people talking about mental health or mental illness. Now and again it would...