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Mayo Healthy Reading Scheme

The Mayo Healthy Reading Scheme a joint initiative by the HSE and Mayo County Council Library Services aims to promote the availability of a wide variety of self help books on a range of common psychological, emotional and parenting issues. A total of 88 books are...

Family Support Handbook

Free Information Book for Families Affected by Substance Use

The Western Region Drug and Alcohol Taskforce and the HSE West Drug Service recently developed a free information book for families affected by substance use. This book is for anyone who has a family member misusing drugs or alcohol, including parents, children, siblings, partners, grandparents...

Claremorris Career Event 2017

Claremorris Career Event 2017 Aims to Help Teenagers with Career Choice

Senior cycle and pre-senior cycle students, and their families, are invited to attend the Claremorris Career Event 2017, which takes place in the McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris, on Saturday, February 25 (11am to 2pm). The purpose of the event is to arm students and families with...

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Our head-in-the-sand attitude to the internet cannot last

We cannot continue to think of the internet as a separate domain of our social lives. What happens online is part of the real world now, says Derek Chambers. Read more: Our head-in-the-sand attitude to the internet cannot last Photo source: Irish Examiner...

‘Cabinet must spend to save young lives’ from suicide

The Children’s Ombudsman has called on the Government to invest further funding in mental health services to overcome the stigma of suicide and to help save more young people from taking their own lives.   Some of the 3,000 attendees at the Cycle Against Suicide Student Leaders'...

Dr Ciara Kelly’s top tips to get a good night’s sleep

It's January. So if, like me, you're feeling knackered, it's easy to put it down to the time of year - but it might just be that like 45pc of the population, you are sleep deprived. Sleep is one of the commonest things I get asked...

Seven everyday ways to boost your mental health

In a world full of potential stress, learning ways to take care of our minds is essential If our bodies sometimes falter, why not our minds? In our fast-paced, screen-addicted lives, we’re in danger of damaging our mental health because we never stop. But there’s lots...

Girls & Women in Sport Seminar Title

Sports Seminar to address issues facing Women in Sport

An influential panel of speakers will examine current trends in women’s sport through a ‘Girls and Women in Sport Seminar’ which takes place on Thursday February 9th from 10am-3pm at St Marys Hall, GMIT, Castlebar. Titled “Are we playing in a different League?” the event...

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The Power of Negative Thinking

Pop psychology tells us we can't go wrong with positive thinking. But new studies show that taking account of our obstacles is essential to success. Read more: The Power of Negative Thinking Photo source:

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15 ways to a positive mindset during the bluest week of the year

Stuck in a slump filled with negative thoughts and pessimistic people? Motivational speaker Ewa Pietrzak has simple but effective ways which leave the glass always half full. Read more: 15 ways to a positive mindset during the bluest week of the year Photo source:

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Irish students will receive 300 hours of mental health classes in new plan

Minister for Mental Health and Older People, Helen McEntee has announced a new mental health plan for secondary school students to act as a "preventive measure". Read more: Irish students will receive 300 hours of mental health classes in new plan Photo: Mark Condren, Source:

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Do one thing each day for someone else

Look around and notice who in your life is having a difficult time and could use some support. The gesture can be big, such as bringing a meal to someone who is ill, or relatively small, such as sending an email or note to let...